Ordering during Covid

I know you will be wondering just how you can order personalized jewellery during this current pandemic?

Initially appointments would be taken at my home studio, but due to Covid I have had to make some essential changes. They are as follows.

When you place your order your will given the option to receive a Handprint kit The kit includes one A4 special piece of coated paper and one wipe. Inside you will also receive full instructions on how to use the paper and wipe in order to take your loved ones prints at home. The kit is non toxic and mess free.

I am always available to chat if you need any further guidance when taking the prints. Once the prints are taken you only need to take a picture of the prints on paper and send them over to me via Whatsapp.

For Fingerprints you will be sent a molding kit, again this comes with full instructions and is very simple to use. This will require you to send the actual mold back to me via a courier, you can contact me for a suitable company nearer the time.

All items are delivered back and packed inside a bag before they reach you.

I hope this helps you to feel assured we are doing all we can to keep all our valued customers safe.