Imprint the touch of a loved one, forever engraved in a stunning piece of jewelry.

      Handprint & Footprint Jewellery

      With our exquisite selection of personalised handprint and footprint jewellery, you can save the impression of your loved one for all time. The majority of our products allow for the addition of a personalized message and images. We can begin working from a photo of priceless prints you already have, or we can work with prints ranging from newborns to adults. We give you custom handprint and footprint jewellery that comprises a range of pendants, footprint circle cufflinks, leather bracelets, key rings and many more such items that resonate love from every corner.

      Deep within the priceless metal of silver, each priceless fingerprint or footprint is irreversibly preserved, producing a genuinely enduring memento. 

      59 products

      59 products

      Handprint And Footprint Jewellery For Your Loved Ones

      We design and make inspirational gifts and gorgeous baby hand and footprint jewellery using fingerprints and handprints. You may gather your memories and commemorate significant occasions as your family expands with a distinctive assortment of modern styles and merchandise. 

      Capturing memories should be as simple as snapping a picture, which is why we designed our jewellery most simply. All the advice and information required to preserve your most treasured memories is included in our unique packages.

      Footprint Jewellery

      A unique piece of personalized footprint jewellery may express your sense of fashion and individuality. It may take on certain qualities and concepts, turning it into an artistic creation. The object may hold even more sentimental and emotional worth than a generic one, regardless of whether it is intended for daily usage, a particular event, or future generations. A meaningful design combined with your favourite materials and stones creates this value.

      Footprint Jewellery

      • Footprint Pendants

      Our footprint pendants are a beautiful way to celebrate the tiny steps of a new life. Each pendant is custom-made with the exact footprint of your child or pet, capturing every detail. Choose from heart-shaped, round, or teardrop designs, and select from various metals to match your style.

      • Footprint Cufflinks

      Perfect for the discerning gentleman, our footprint cufflinks are a sophisticated way to incorporate a personal touch into formal attire. Each pair of cufflinks is engraved with the footprint of a loved one, offering a subtle yet deeply meaningful accessory for special occasions.

      • Footprint Charms

      Add a personal touch to your charm bracelet with our footprint charms. Each charm is meticulously crafted to include the unique footprint of your child or pet, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that can be added to bracelets, necklaces, or even anklets.

      Handprint Jewellery

      Preserve the touch of your loved ones forever with our exquisite handprint jewellery. Each piece captures the unique handprint of your child, pet, or special someone, creating a personalized keepsake. Our collection includes keyrings, charms, necklaces, and more, all crafted from high-quality silver. Perfect for commemorating significant moments, these pieces offer a sentimental and stylish way to cherish precious memories.

      • Handprint Keyring

      Our collection of exquisite stainless steel key rings honours the deep love of relationships. It is made of sturdy stainless steel links to keep your keys safe. You're not only looking to buy the ideal product. You are not constrained by the choices in a limited catalogue; rather, with us, you are working through a creative process. You submit your vision for the design of your custom handprint and footprint jewellery and select from a variety of metals, settings, and gemstones. A heart-shaped ring, for instance, is a representation of the love that unites your family and gives your keyring a romantic and sentimental touch.

      • Fingerprint Charm Necklace

      Customized fingerprint charms are not mass-produced and do not have an intermediary. Your loved one's fingerprint is beautifully captured in detail by our exquisite fingerprint charm necklace. using technology to enlarge the fingerprint image to capture the smallest characteristics that are unique to each of us.

      Our charms are handcrafted by hand and are completely one-of-a-kind. They would be a great present for any family member. A DOB and a name can be inscribed on the back. Deep within the priceless metal of silver, each priceless handprint jewellery and footprint jewellery is irreversibly printed, producing a genuinely enduring memento for a lifetime.


      Yes, Each custom handprint and footprint charm, necklace, bracelet, ring, or pair of cufflinks may be personalised with your baby's miniature prints, captured in exquisitely clear detail. 

      All our pieces of jewellery are made from Silver.

      Of course, Any kind of jewellery may be personalized, regardless of the occasion or style of jewellery you're purchasing. That covers a necklace, a pair of earrings, or cuff links. Custom jewellery has grown in popularity for a variety of reasons.

      The entire price covers shipping, so there are no extra costs when you receive this kind of keyring.