A keepsake made to love forever, this beautiful charm holds the true paw print of your beloved pet. Created from stunning sterling silver, the unique paw print is impressed into the charm and a special message or date can be engraved on the reverse. Taking the prints couldn’t be easier with our Magic Printing Kit sent to you free when you place your order, or we can use a copy of prints that you may already have.This charm is from our Premium Imprint Range which means that the print is imprinted into the silver rather than engraved onto the surface. This design comes with a lifetime no-fade guarantee ensuring that your piece will last a lifetime if looked after. Your finished piece of Jewellery will come beautifully presented in a Jewellery Box with a copy of the original paw print used and delivered to your door

Material: Sterling Silver 
Charm Size: Approx W17mm x H15mm
Packaging:  Luxury Gift Box and a copy of the original prints used to create your design

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