Writings & Drawings

Handmade silver jewellery with your child's drawing and handwriting, capturing their artwork in a beautiful charm, necklace, keychain and cufflinks. Just send us your child’s artwork to see what can be achieved using our range of keepsakes items.

      Children's / Kids Artwork Jewellery

      Choosing new jewellery can be difficult since some pieces have the ideal setting while others have a more pleasing color combination. Finding the ideal store that fulfills every need could be rather difficult. More so, with a personalized item. You may select the desired metal, setting, gem, and additional characteristics.

      Look through our selection online or in-store, or sketch up your ideas. At Forever Imprint Jewellery, together, we'll identify designs that you like or create a one-of-a-kind piece that realizes your idea. Our jeweller will put forth endless effort to get it perfect. Consequently, you may anticipate the best possible outcomes of your engraved jewellery, right down to the last detail.

      Writings & Drawings Customized Keychains

      • Personalized Key Chain

      At Forever Imprint Jewellery, we offer a variety of personalized key chain models are offered. Because they are affordable, highly sought-after, and come in an amazing array of forms, keychains are a powerful marketing tool for retailers. Personalized keychains are an excellent means of advertising for business meetings, trade exhibitions, and charitable endeavors. These days’ engraved keychains are a fashionable and useful accessory that may be carried by anybody going about their everyday business.

      • Children's Artwork Keychain

      Your kids' artwork may now be preserved on our sterling silver pendants. Their initial sketch, their initial photo of their parents, their initial photograph, or even their initial handwritten words.

      Kids drawing jewellery is the ideal present for any parent. Customized and entirely one-of-a-kind, the pendant and the keychain can also have the back of it engraved with a statement of your choosing.

      To begin the creation process, simply scan your photograph and send it to us at. 

      • Handwriting Keychain

      Keychains make practical presents that hold deep emotional and personal meaning for the recipient. A superior keychain that represents a part of kids drawing jewellery will keep your item above everyone else’s in your peer group. Keychains are an excellent means of showing the love you have for someone, especially if you feel the need to carry the emotion everywhere you go. 

      • Personalized Keychain With Picture

      By customizing a beautiful gift key chain into a personalized keychain with picture,  you may truly and positively engage with your loved one better than before. With their whimsical edge and economical cost, keychains are an excellent substitute for postcards and thank-you letters as gifting items today.

      Consider a birthday, anniversary or housewarming party, a customized keychain can be added to the gift box, no matter the occasion.


      Because they are affordable, practical, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, keychains have grown to be an effective gifting item.

      A personalized key chain is an excellent giveaway for company events, trade exhibitions, and fundraising campaigns. There are many different styles of keychains available to meet the expectations of the ceremony.

      Keychains are convenient for daily duties since they are small and simple. Everyone needs a keychain to keep their keys safe and organized, and you may engage your audience in an emotional and love-filled conversation by providing a high-quality bespoke keychain as a gift.

      All kinds. From cut out, oval, and circular to rectangular shaped.

      Yes, of course. You can choose to imprint a drawing on one side, and a message on the other.