Why Personalized Jewellery is So Special?

I would like to share with you some of the reasons I feel personalized jewellery is so special and why it encouraged me to start my company Forever Imprint Jewellery.

Emotional Connection

There has always been a strong emotional connection between jewellery and the ones we love. When we are away from our loved ones they are always in our thoughts. Wearing a personalized piece of jewellery becomes a way of keeping our loved ones close and reminding us we are not alone.


Gifting loved ones

Being an expat for over 10 years I know this to be true. Gifting my loved ones with keepsake jewellery of their grandchildren has been incredibly comforting to them. I know they mean it when they say, “it is the most" important jewellery they own, as it features their grandchildren's prints from many years ago, and is quite simply irreplaceable.

Did you know? 

For thousands of years’ jewellery has been a connection between loved ones. Famously the wedding band was introduced by the Romans and was designed to be a way of connecting two people. The band symbolized never ending love. Did you also know that the reason for wearing it on you left hands fourth finger was believed to be because the vein in that finger was directly connected to our heart, the "Vena Amour" meaning "Vein of Love". I bet reading that makes it more meaningful, right!


When we gift a loved one something personalized it is conveying how much we love and appreciate them. It is a gesture of love and affection and shows them what a special place they hold in our life.

My Passion

Is to keep creating personalized and memorable jewellery. I am always listening to what you want and I always help you to create something incredibly personalized. A lot of our designs are created using your loved one’s true hand, foot and fingerprint impressions. You really can’t get more personalized than that.

If you need anymore reasons to see why personalized is best click here x

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