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A beautiful sterling silver heart necklace capturing your all your loved one's own handprint impressions.

Hand made to order, this stunning heart pendant necklace can feature three prints and engraved names on the reverse.

Quality: each item is hand-crafted from sterling silver and engraved with your loved one's handprints and printed names. 

Prints: include our Inkless Print Kit in your order. Contact me to have the print taken direct. You already have prints. I already have your prints.

Total price: includes all shipping, Inkless Print Kit, final piece of jewellery with your loved one's handprints and their printed names on the reverse.

Pendant size: approximately 2.5cm x 2cm.

Pendant shape: Heart.


When you complete your order, we’ll give you a choice of how you can provide us with the prints. If you don’t have prints already, we can provide a FREE print kit if you select that with your order. The kit is very simple and involves an inkless wipe to use on a special piece of paper. There will be full instructions on how to use this included. There is no nasties, no ink and no mess and the whole process takes just seconds.

Once you have taken the prints, or if you already have prints, simply take a picture of them and send them to me via What’s app.

If you are returning customer, just select you already have my prints and I will locate you file via you surname.

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